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Jimmie Moon
18 min readMar 21, 2024

Welcome to our Host Stand roundup, where we’ve gathered a diverse array of products designed to elevate your event hosting game. From sleek and modern designs to classic and timeless options, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to explore and discover the perfect Host Stand to elevate your next event!

The Top 17 Best Host Stand

  1. Versatile Hostess Station with Adjustable Shelf — Enhance your guest experience with the Valet Podium and Host Station, an affordable and versatile storage solution for restaurants and businesses.
  2. Medium Oak Host Stand with Wheels for Lectures — Experience practical, stylish, and durable presentation with the AdirOffice Medium Oak Hostess Stand (661–07-MEO) — the perfect solution for limited spaces and easy transportation!
  3. Stylish Mahogany Hostess Stand with Wheels — Get a professional look with the durable Alpine ADI661–07-MA wood hostess stand featuring ample storage and smooth mobility.
  4. Premium SGS-Certified MDF Wood Podium for Elevated Presentations — Upgrade your presentations with the VEVOR Wood Podium Stand, offering versatility and style in one sleek package.
  5. Premium Cherry Finish Hostess Podium — Experience elegance and sophistication with the Aarco POD-1 Hostess Podium, featuring a cherry finish and designed for use in even the most upscale settings.
  6. Sleek Wood Veneer Host Station for Hospitality Venues — Elevate your front-of-house experience with the Forbes Industries 5930 Host Station, featuring a wood veneer cabinet, Avonite work counter, and ample storage for menus, guest lists, and essentials.
  7. AdirOffice Black Portable Hostess Stand with Wheels for Presentations — The AdirOffice Black Host Stand with Wheels 661–07-BLK combines durability, practicality, and storage in a sleek, portable design perfect for small spaces and presentation needs.
  8. Host Stand with Wood Top — Upgrade your event hosting with the elegant Geneva 73550 25 5/8"W Hostess Stand, featuring a wood top, height of 46", 1 top shelf, and sleek satin varnish finish.
  9. Professional Melamine Host Stand with Wheels — Upgrade your presentation with the AdirOffice White Hostess Stand (661–07-WHI), featuring durable melamine construction, dual shelves, four wheels, and a stunning, professional appearance.
  10. Versatile Acrylic Lectern Podium for All Settings — Elevate your presentations with our versatile, crystal clear acrylic podium stand, perfect for churches, classrooms, conferences, stages, and more, designed for ultimate convenience and modern elegance.
  11. Elegant Wood Veneer Host Stand for Reception Areas — Elevate your host area’s appearance with the sleek, sturdy Forbes Industries 5929 Host Station, featuring a natural wood finish and rounded front design suitable for any establishment.
  12. Professional Host Stand with Adjustable Storage Shelf — Elevate your presentations with the BENTISM Wood Podium, featuring a sleek and easy-to-clean surface, sturdy construction, and a tilted desktop for optimal posture support, all built on four universal casters for effortless mobility.
  13. Black Hostess Stand with Adjustable Shelf and Pullout Drawer for Restaurants — Elevate your restaurant experience with the Displays2go Lckdsdwsbk Serving Station, featuring a pull-out drawer, long-lasting melamine coating, and adjustable storage shelf for a stylish and efficient hostess station.
  14. Elegant Wood Veneer Host Stand for Events — Elevate your event hosting experience with the Forbes Industries 5936 Host Station, boasting elegant wood veneer construction, spacious work counter, and secure bottom compartments, perfect for any occasion.
  15. High Quality Host Stand from Forbes Industries — Revive your restaurant’s hosting experience with the sleek Forbes Industries 5941 Host Stand, a functional and modern addition to your space.
  16. Wood Veneer Host Stand for Commercial Restaurants — The Forbes Industries 5926 Host Station offers a sturdy wood veneer cabinet for a commercial restaurant supply, providing a spacious hosting area with dimensions of 51"W x 28"D x 46"H to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests.
  17. Commercial-Grade Wood Veneer Host Stand — The Forbes Industries 5926 Host Station is a stylish, spacious wood veneer cabinet with a modern design perfect for commercial restaurant settings, offering the right space for host stands while taking up minimal floor space.


Versatile Hostess Station with Adjustable Shelf


The Valet Podium and Host Station with Adjustable Shelf is a handy addition to any establishment. Its open back design is perfect for storing menu cards, electronic devices, and other daily essentials. The adjustable shelf can be tailored to fit your needs, making it versatile and functional.

One aspect that stood out during my experience was the ease of movement. The lightweight design and wheels make it easy to maneuver around guests and customers. However, I did face a minor issue with the locking system of the wheels, which occasionally allowed the podium to move around unintentionally.

Additionally, I noticed that the top shelf does not have an option to adjust its depth. While this was not a deal-breaker for me, it might be inconvenient for some users with larger items.

In terms of durability, the product seemed sturdy and well-built. I was pleased with the quality, especially considering the affordable price. However, I did encounter a few customers who received damaged items or missing parts, which could be a concern for potential buyers.

Overall, the Valet Podium and Host Station with Adjustable Shelf is a practical solution for businesses looking to provide a welcoming environment. Its flexibility and affordability make it a worthwhile investment, despite some minor concerns regarding the locking system and depth adjustability of the top shelf.

Medium Oak Host Stand with Wheels for Lectures


I recently had the chance to try out the AdirOffice Medium Oak Hostess Stand with Wheels, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. This sturdy and practical piece of furniture is perfect for any home or office, offering a sleek and professional appearance.

One of the standout features of this hostess stand is its top shelf, designed to keep presentation notes or items from falling off. The tray storage display also has two open areas at the back, allowing for easy placement of various supplies like glasses, bowls, and other essentials. The MFC wood construction with a melamine finish ensures durability and a premium look.

However, assembling the stand was a bit time-consuming, and the instructions could use some improvement. But once I got past that hurdle, I was impressed with the ease of movement thanks to the wheels. Overall, the AdirOffice Medium Oak Hostess Stand with Wheels is an excellent addition to any space, ideal for hosting events, showcasing merchandise, or even acting as a functional bookcase. Highly recommended!

Stylish Mahogany Hostess Stand with Wheels


As a hostess, I needed a stylish and functional stand to display my essential items. I came across the Alpine ADI661–07-MA Wood Hostess Stand with Wheels in mahogany, and it caught my eye with its upscale appearance. Right from the beginning, I was impressed by the attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The stand has two shelves at the back, which made it ideal for storing glasses, bowls, and other supplies. The MFC wood with a melamine finish gives it a durable and long-lasting look and feel. And the fact that it’s wheeled makes it easy to move around wherever I need it.

However, there were a couple of downsides. The assembly process wasn’t the easiest, and it took me a while to figure out the correct order of putting everything together. Secondly, the stand is quite heavy, so it might not be ideal for a person with limited lifting capacity.

Overall, the Alpine ADI661–07-MA Wood Hostess Stand with Wheels is a high-quality product. With its sleek design, functionality, and durability, it makes a perfect addition to any host’s essentials. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a stylish and functional hostess stand.

Premium SGS-Certified MDF Wood Podium for Elevated Presentations


I recently tried out the VEVOR Podium Stand, perfect for any professional setting. The 47-inch height allowed me to feel confident while presenting, and the sleek, easy-to-clean surface kept it looking brand new. One of the standout features was the 4 universal casters, 2 of which had a brake, making it effortless to move around.

However, the wooden, PVC veneer surface had a few scratches after a few uses, which was a minor letdown. Despite this, I’m thrilled with my VEVOR Podium Stand and how it enhanced my public speaking experience.

Premium Cherry Finish Hostess Podium


I recently had the pleasure of using the Aarco POD-1 Hostess Podium with its cherry finish, and I must say, it has become a staple in our establishment. As a reviewer, I was drawn to the hardwood design of the podium, giving a classic, elegant touch that perfectly fit our high-end environment.

The sturdiness of the podium was another highlight, as it was substantial and stood tall, making it a memorable addition to our hosting area. I do have to mention one drawback though, which was the lack of mobility due to its bulkiness.

However, if this aspect doesn’t impact your specific needs, I highly recommend the Aarco POD-1 Hostess Podium for its timeless appeal and exceptional quality.

Sleek Wood Veneer Host Station for Hospitality Venues


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Forbes Industries Host Station and was impressed with its functionality and stylish design. Measuring in at 20"W by 20"D by 44–1/2"H, this compact host stand is perfect for any establishment looking to make the most of their space without sacrificing elegance.

The wood veneer cabinet is adorned with beautiful solid wood molding that truly adds a touch of class to any setting. The Avonite work counter is equally impressive with its durability and easy-to-clean surface that’s sure to hold up well in busy environments.

One feature that stood out to me is the locking drawer and lockable bottom compartment, providing plenty of storage space for all your essential papers and files. And let’s not forget about the adjustable levelers, which ensure this host station stays stable on any uneven surface.

Although the Forbes Industries Host Station’s 5930 model is tailored towards the hospitality industry, its versatility and elegant touch make it suitable for various settings. So, whether you’re running a restaurant, hotel, or events venue, this host stand will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable addition to your front-of-house space.

AdirOffice Black Portable Hostess Stand with Wheels for Presentations


I had the opportunity to try out the AdirOffice Black Hostess Stand with Wheels 661–07-BLK in my daily life, and I must say, it has become an essential part of my workspace. The top shelf is designed with a lip on the reading surface, which keeps my presentation notes and other materials from falling off. Additionally, the tray storage display has two open areas at the back for placing items like glasses, bowls, or other supplies, making it incredibly convenient and practical.

The stand is made from melamine-finished MFC wood, ensuring it’s both durable and long-lasting. The wheels make it easy to move and store the stand when not in use. Assembling it was a relatively straightforward process, though it may take some time and patience if you’re not familiar with setting up furniture.

Throughout my experience using this hostess stand, I found it to be both stylish and functional. The black finish pairs well with my existing decor, while the additional storage space is a welcome benefit. However, I did notice that the instructions could use some improvement for clarity, especially when it comes to assembling the wheels. Overall, the AdirOffice Black Hostess Stand with Wheels 661–07-BLK is a great investment for anyone in need of a versatile and sturdy display solution.

Host Stand with Wood Top


I recently spent a day hosting guests at our home and decided to test out this Geneva 73550 Hostess Stand with a wood top. It was truly a stylish addition to our gathering, standing tall at 46 inches. The brown satin varnish finish blended seamlessly with the wooden top, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The stand featured a single top shelf, perfect for displaying appetizers or cocktails. I was surprised by how sturdy it was, despite its slim profile. It was also a breeze to assemble.

While I enjoyed the appearance and functionality of the Hostess Stand, there were a couple of minor drawbacks. Firstly, it was a bit taller than I initially thought, so I had to be careful not to bump into it. Secondly, the wood veneer finish seemed slightly prone to scratches.

Overall, this Geneva 73550 Hostess Stand proved to be a charming and practical addition to our home, providing a convenient spot for guests to help themselves. It might be worth considering taller guests’ comfort and the wood finish’s durability, but overall, it was a worthwhile investment for our gathering.

Professional Melamine Host Stand with Wheels


I recently had the chance to use the AdirOffice White Hostess Stand with Wheels, and I must say, it made quite an impression on me. This sleek and elegant piece features a durable melamine build, which adds an upscale touch to any setting, whether it’s a lecture hall or your own home office.

One of the highlights of this hostess stand is the ease of transportation, thanks to its four wheels. Moving it from one place to another is a breeze, and the sturdy casters ensure a smooth ride for the stand. Its dimensions (46 in H x 24 in W x 17 in D) provide ample space for storing items on the two back shelves, which are perfect for keeping essential supplies at hand.

While I found the AdirOffice White Hostess Stand with Wheels to be quite sturdy and well-made, there were a couple of minor drawbacks that I noticed. Assembly could be a bit tricky for some, and the instructions provided weren’t necessarily the most clear. Additionally, while the white finish was certainly appealing, it may not be the most practical choice for those susceptible to smudging or staining.

Overall, I would highly recommend this AdirOffice Hostess Stand to anyone seeking a stylish and functional piece for their business or personal office. With its sleek design and convenient features, it’s sure to make a great addition to any work environment.

Versatile Acrylic Lectern Podium for All Settings


I recently upgraded my speaking setup with this sleek acrylic podium stand, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The clarity of the podium has elevated my presentations with a modern touch, making it perfect for any occasion.

Its versatility has proven to be a game-changer, fitting seamlessly into various event spaces like churches, classrooms, and conferences. I also appreciate its portability — it easily transforms into a hostess stand for restaurants or a checkout stand for craft shows.

Whether you’re addressing a classroom or a large audience at a stage, this podium definitely delivers an elegant and functional solution. It’s like the ultimate Swiss Army knife for podium-related needs! .

Elegant Wood Veneer Host Stand for Reception Areas


The Forbes Industries 5929 Host Stand is a sleek and stylish addition to any establishment seeking a professional appearance. Measuring at 36"W x 25"D x 50"H, this wooden veneer cabinet boasts rounded fronts and solid wood bullnose moldings, which provide a sleek and refined look. With two open shelves, it’s perfect for storing essentials like menus, brochures, or other items that need easy access in a professional setting.

The natural wood finish adds a touch of elegance to the space, while the sturdy construction ensures longevity. Whether you’re running a restaurant, hotel, or any other business in need of a host stand, this Forbes Industries product is an excellent choice. Not only does it offer practical functionality, but it also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Professional Host Stand with Adjustable Storage Shelf


As a regular presenter, I was thrilled to try out the Bentism Wood Podium. I’ve used quite a few wooden podiums before, but this one stood out with its sleek design and sturdy construction. The 4 universal casters made movement around the room a breeze without causing any damage, and the spacious desktop provided ample space for my notes.

One feature that really sold me is the adjustable storage shelf. It’s perfect for keeping extra supplies within reach without taking up too much space. The only downside was that the assembly process could have been smoother, but overall, this Bentism Wood Podium proved to be a reliable and versatile addition to my presentations.

Black Hostess Stand with Adjustable Shelf and Pullout Drawer for Restaurants


As a restaurant owner, I’ve been looking for ways to streamline the check-in process for our guests. That’s when I stumbled upon the Lckdsdwsbk Serving Station by Displays2go, a functional host stand perfect for restaurants.

One of the highlighting features is its spacious 22-inch wide by 19.8-inch deep top surface, which effortlessly made guest check-ins a breeze. And while its sleek design perfectly fit with our restaurant décor, its durability played a significant role in impressing our guests. The melamine coating on our host station has maintained its charm and elegance ever since it was installed.

However, one aspect that could improve is the single-door design with the single handle. At times, it does feel a bit inconvenient for easy maneuvering. But overall, its easy accessibility with a pull-out drawer has stored all our necessary stationeries effortlessly.

It’s ideal not just for restaurants, but it’s also perfect for bars or eating establishments. The versatile hostess station’s height adjustability is another advantage, making it an essential purchase. So if you’re looking for a functional and stylish host stand, Lckdsdwsbk Serving Station is worth considering.

Elegant Wood Veneer Host Stand for Events


As a seasoned event planner, I recently had the pleasure of using the Forbes Industries 5936 Host Station at a corporate event. The first thing that caught my eye was its sleek, sophisticated design, featuring beautiful wood veneer and solid wood molding. It seamlessly blended with our venue’s décor and added an air of refinement to the event.

The spacious work counter and Avonite top provided the perfect space to organize all our essentials, while the two locking drawers kept our valuables securely stored away. The two lockable bottom compartments were incredibly useful for storing supplies, making our setup quick and efficient.

One of the standout features of this host station was its adjustable levelers. We had the chance to set it up both indoors and outdoors, and it stood firm and steady in both environments. The Forbes Industries 5936 Host Station truly is a versatile and reliable addition to any event. Overall, I would highly recommend this host station for anyone looking to elevate their hosting game.

High Quality Host Stand from Forbes Industries


The Forbes Industries Host Stand stood out to me as a functional and sleek addition to my dining area. Measuring 34.5 inches wide by 26 inches deep, it was the perfect size for displaying appetizers and drinks without taking up too much space. The glossy finish made it easy to clean, and the sturdy construction assured me that it would last.

One of the standout features was the adjustable height, which allowed me to customize it for different events and gatherings. However, I did find that the locking mechanism could be a bit tricky to operate, sometimes causing the stand to wobble slightly. Overall, the Forbes Industries Host Stand was a reliable and stylish choice for hosting parties and dinners.

Wood Veneer Host Stand for Commercial Restaurants


I recently had the chance to use the Forbes Industries 5926 Host Station in my home, and I must say, it’s an elegant piece of furniture that really brings a touch of sophistication to any space. This 51-inch wide, 28-inch deep, and 46-inch high wood veneer cabinet has a smooth finish and a sleek design that makes it perfect for hosting gatherings or just adding a touch of elegance to my dining area.

What stood out to me was how easy it was to put together, and how sturdy it is once assembled. The durable wood veneer construction ensures it can withstand the wear and tear that comes with regular use. However, one thing to note is that because of its size, it may not fit through standard doorways, so make sure you have room for it before making your purchase.

Overall, this host station is a great addition to any home or restaurant, and I’m impressed with its overall design and build quality. It’s a reliable, stylish option for any occasion.

Commercial-Grade Wood Veneer Host Stand


The Forbes Industries Host Station is a statement piece that effortlessly elevates the dining experience. At 59 inches wide, 28 inches deep, and 46 inches tall, it’s a commanding presence in any setting, perfect for showcasing your finest dishes. Crafted from wood veneer, its rustic charm adds character and warmth to any ambiance.

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Depending on the location of your delivery, additional charges may apply for residential delivery or liftgate service. It’s a minor inconvenience but worth considering during your purchase. All in all, the Forbes Industries Host Station lives up to its reputation as a reliable and attractive solution for any restaurant or dining establishment.

Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right host stand for your business or event requires careful consideration of various factors. Below are some important features, considerations, and general advice to help you make an informed decision.

Size and Capacity

Before purchasing a host stand, ensure it is the right size for your needs. Consider the number of drinks and bottles you will be storing and the available space in your establishment. Some host stands come with adjustable shelves, which makes them more versatile for different inventory sizes.


Material and Build Quality

A durable host stand should be made of sturdy materials that can handle the weight of the items it stores. Stainless steel or powder-coated steel are popular choices due to their durability and ease of cleaning.

Design and Aesthetics

The design and aesthetics of the host stand should complement your business’s ambiance. While functionality is crucial, you also want a host stand that looks visually appealing and blends well with your overall decor.

Ease of Maintenance

A host stand should be easy to clean and maintain. Look for models with smooth, non-porous surfaces and avoid those with intricate designs that make cleaning more difficult.


Price and Value

Consider the price of the host stand and its overall value. While it is essential to find a host stand within your budget, avoid sacrificing quality for a lower price. Invest in a high-quality host stand that will last for years to come.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Before making a purchase, review customer feedback and ratings to get a better understanding of the product’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help you make an informed decision and ensure you are satisfied with your investment.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

Research the manufacturer’s reputation to ensure you are purchasing a high-quality product. Look for companies that offer warranties or guarantees, as this demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction.


Consider Alternative Options

Although the host stand is crucial for your business or event, don’t limit yourself to just one option. Consider alternative solutions, such as mobile bars or counter-tops, to create a more versatile and functional space for your guests.


What is a Host Stand?

A Host Stand is a portable, self-contained unit that provides a convenient and organized space for serving food and drinks at events. It often includes features such as compartments for storing utensils, a refrigerator, and a countertop for serving.


Why would I need a Host Stand?

Host Stands are an essential tool for event hosts, caterers, or anyone who needs to serve food and drinks at a gathering. They provide easy access to utensils, keep food and drinks cold, and offer a professional presentation for guests.

What features should I look for in a Host Stand?

  • Sufficient storage space for serving utensils
  • A refrigerator or cooler to keep food and drinks cold
  • Adequate countertop space for serving food
  • Sturdy construction for stability and durability
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces

What are the benefits of using a Host Stand?

  • Convenient organization for serving utensils
  • Keeps food and drinks at the desired temperature
  • Provides an attractive presentation for guests
  • Saves space by being a portable, self-contained unit

How do I choose the right Host Stand for my needs?

Consider the size and capacity of the Event, the amount and type of food and drinks that need to be served, and any additional features you may require. Research and compare various Host Stands based on these factors to find the best fit for your needs.

Are Host Stands easy to clean?

Yes, most Host Stands are designed to be easy to clean. They usually come with non-slip surfaces or have anti-slip materials on the bottom, making them easy to wipe down. It is also important to choose a Host Stand made from materials that are resistant to staining or damage.

How much does a Host Stand typically cost?

The cost of a Host Stand can vary greatly depending on the size, features, and brand. Prices can range from around $100 to over $1,000. It is advisable to do some research and compare costs before making a purchase.